Factory for fabrication and construction work

YKW Industrial Supply 
Main fabrication and construction project.
Location : PT 5853,Plot No.55 ,Jalan Johan 1/6, 
                   Estet Perindustrian Pengkalan II(Fasa 1)
                   31550 Pusing ,Perak.

Company Profile

The company was establish in 2007 by Franco Yoon and Julia Lon to provide all kinds of industrial hydraulic hose sales and service located at Sri Manjung , Perak.
We offer sales and service like:
-all kinds of Industrial hydraulic hose
-hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder
-couplings and fittings
-oil seal and bearing
-machinery equipment
-Aluminium and Steel fabrication
-castings etc.

Straight Fittings, Elbow Fittings, Connector & Adapter

Male x Male Connector, Male x Male Long Connector, Male x Female Connector(Reducer), Male x Swivel Female Connector,  Swivel Female x Swivel Female Connector,Male x Standpipe Connector, plug, Bulkhead, Socket, Welding Nipple, Male x Male Elbow, Male x Swivel Female Elbow, Swivel Female x Swivel Female Elbow, Female Elbow, Male x Female Elbow, Washer Nut Male Elbow, Banjo Elbow, Bulkhead Elbow.

Pneumatic Actuated Control Valves

All kind of Pneumatic Actuated Control Valves.

Pneumatic equipment

Air Filters, Air Fittings, Pneumatic Air Valve, and Cylinder. 


Pressure gauge ,Instruments Gauge ,Level Gauge ,Pressure Test Kit , Gauge Hanger

Valves equipment

Butterfly Valves, Ball Valve, SGP Welding Fittings, SCH 40 Welding Fittings, Steam Fittings.

Hose Clips and Clamp

Nylon Abrasion Sleeve, Fire Sleeve, Hose Clip, Hose Clamp, Retaining Clip.

Hydraulic Hose

Swivel Female Hose Insert, Male Hose Insert, Male Bulkhead Hose Insert, Flange hose Insert, Banjo Hose Insert, Standpipe Hose Insert, Swivel Male Hose Insert, Swivel Male Automative Hose Insert, Water Pump Home Insert, Joint Hose Insert.

Hydraulic Valves

500 Bar

Seal & O Ring

Soft seal/ Captive Seal, Bonded Seal, Copper Washer, O Ring,Seal, O Ring Kits, Teflon Tape, Sealing Liquid

Safety Shoes

All Kind Of Safety Shoes.